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Where intuition meets expertise. Just like our clients, we're creating a global movement – rooted in service.

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We are Soulbrand Studio, a brand & marketing agency that builds brands from the soul up, so they can be lived from the inside out. Our mission is to create brands that set the stage for our clients to make a global impact.

A Soulbrand™️ is no ordinary brand. It is the external expression of an internal vision that is so massive that it feels beyond words or design. If you have a mission, a message, a movement on your heart, we’ve got you. We'll help you craft the language, strategy, business model, and visual assets need to uplevel your impact in the biggest, truest way.


Our clients are purpose-driven, heart-centred leaders who are here to shine so bright they just might change the world.

We believe there is a new way to build impactful businesses & brands.

A simpler way. A lighter way. A way that is rooted in purpose and authenticity. A way that cuts through the noise and lets the heart & soul of your business shine through. A way that creates deep resonance and lasting impact with those you are here to serve.

We believe most business’s challenges can be solved by going to the root, the core, the brand. Knowing who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why. We believe some rules are meant to be broken if it means showing up in integrity & truth (and intelligent positioning). We believe in energy. Alignment. Co-creation. And we believe that the best brands are built from the soul up... and lived from the inside out.‍

Our purpose is to (re)connect you with your purpose: to uncover the best and truest version of your brand, chisel it away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you. 

Robyn James

Founder & CEO



We are here to help the new wave of entrepreneurs blend the old with the new. To usher in a new paradigm of how we approach brand- and business-building, while keeping the wisdom from previous ages and eras.

The emerging entrepreneurs of our time must be seen, heard, and PAID so they can shake shit up. Making the world a better, brighter place (in their own unique way) is no small feat.

We want you to stop wading around in the shallow end and bring the depths of your work to the surface; to co-create this new paradigm of soul-led business with us.

To show that we can succeed on the grounds of alignment, purpose, ease, and service.

Building a Soulbrand™️ is so much more than a methodology. It’s a way of being.

It is a relentless pursuit to extract the truth – refining and aligning, simplifying and expanding, until you see your business as big and beautiful as we do.

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  • Meet the

  • Team

  • Meet the Team

Robyn James

FounDer & Creative Strategist

Founder & CEO

Alexa Lang

Marketing Director

Brittany Veenhuysen

Writer & Brand Psychologist

Jodi Duncan

Creative Director & Designer

Ewa Wojczuk

Graphic Designer

Tyler Massie

Brand Psychologist

Lindsay Sheldrake

Strategic Advisor

Scott Lipscomb

System Design

Nic Baker




Where our expertise ends, our partners' begins. We have handpicked these companies as our co-creators because of our alignment in values, approach, integrity, and purpose.